It’s a wonderful thing when an entire industry is revitalized and redefined through design. All notions of what once had been thought a boring pastime reserved for old guys lounging in beach chairs, are no longer. The cross pollination of fishing and youth culture has introduced an entirely new generation to a sport that may have never been exposed to it otherwise.

Nowadays, Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer are just a couple of kids skateboarding to their local lake after school. Old man Santiago isn’t really all that old, just a bearded and heavily tattooed surfer keeping the salty dream alive. The climate of the fishing world is changing (thanks El Niño!) and it’s all thanks to the brands out there that are keeping the inspiration alive and well in every angler young and old(er).

By providing well designed products, quality branding, and a steady feed of fresh lifestyle content on social media, the companies listed below are fueling the fire and keeping their brands at the forefront of the industry.

The Mad Hueys

The embodiment of good times shared between good friends while out on the water or out on the town. With backing from Australia’s top surfers, DJ’s and models, they have become a worldwide staple.



They’ve pushed the limits of what a piece of lead and hook could be. They used design to create a tool that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. With a focus on design and creativity, the brand fuses art and fishing in a very cool way.


Bass Brigade

Perfectly blends everything about growing up loving hip hop, street wear, and bass fishing. They have become a hub for world-wide trophy hunters and continually collaborate with the top fishing brands from Japan who share their passion for angling and urban culture.


Lateral Vision

A young company that has been making waves throughout the fishing world in both the freshwater and saltwater realms. Dedicated, passionate, and talented guys out of Long Beach, CA making solid gear and quality content on a regular basis.



More than just a lure company, this lifestyle brand has taken photography and videography to new heights, collaborating with some of the best to create films that truly inspire. Not surprising considering the owners’ former experience in the action sports industry.


Working Class Zero

What happens when you take a former skateboarding videographer and turn him into a trophy bass addict? You get the most creatively shot and edited bass fishing videos ever made. Click the link and you’ll see what I mean.


Salty Crew

The do everything crew: sailing, fishing, surfing, diving… they epitomize what it means to be watermen. With former world tour surfer, CJ Hobgood on board, as well as some of the best inshore and offshore guys in Southern California, they’re a core brand with a solid reputation for good design.


Why I’m Inspired:

While a lot of today’s youth are spending their days fixated to a screen and catching pokémon, it’s good to know that there are a ton of others being inspired to turn off their phones and catch something real. Inspired to get out of their technology bubble and explore the world. Inspired to create and to continue living a passion filled life. All imagery credits to companies listed.

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