We recently spent a day with our new client and friends Cassandra at an event they call Cassandra Unplugged. The event took place at a Hollywood Mansion and brought together business leaders from companies like Target, Adidas, Lyft, Google, Sony, Wrigley, and Snapchat.

I left the event inspired by key speakers like Radha Agrawal and Taylor Conroy. Radha is the founder of Daybreaker and Thinx. Taylor is a social entrepreneur and the co-founder of Journey. Look into these people and companies, what they are doing is incredible.

At the Cassandra Report event, we collaborated, shared thoughts, and exchanged experiences about how young people are fighting to make the world a better place. The theme of the event was kindness and it personally left me feeling reinvigorated and inspired to create more positive change in the world. Business and design are tools for social change if we choose to use them that way. I have gotten up every day since the event wanting to partner with more brands and people who strive to make positive change in the world.

I’m now more focused on looking for ways to use our business and our skills as designers and brand builders to create social change. If you are a non profit, a large company, or someone with a crazy idea to better the world, email me and let’s talk. Ask yourself… What good can we do today?

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