If you’ve ever bellied up to the bar at the Cowboy Star Restaurant and Butcher Shop in San Diego, chances are you’ve enjoyed their house-made jerky.

Served at happy hour, their Wagyu and American Angus beef jerky was an instant hit with their patrons. As the requests to buy some for the road became impossible to ignore, the Owners decided to create a jerky line.

Our first task was to create a sub-brand that would be the vehicle for their initial online sales strategy.

The C-Star Provisions brand identity we created is simple, honest and to-the-point. It serves as a reflection of the ingredients they source as well as the service and product they built their reputation on.

The packaging system leveraged bold color that hinted at the flavor profile while providing a scalable system for future releases.

With multiple flavor profiles in the product line, including a partnership with one of San Diego’s legendary breweries, Karl Strauss, (Wreck Alley Stout Jerky? Yes please.) the C-Star Provisions brand is off, running and positioned to grow.

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