Businesses today have numerous templates and themes to choose from when building a website. We have seen many instances of companies using these resources to the detriment of their brand. We believe that a custom site is a much better solution for brands that are growing, and that want to leverage their online presence to aid in the growth.

Brand Positioning

The expression of your company’s brand is arguably the most important aspect of publishing a website. A custom site, built from the ground up with your brand’s ideals, purpose, and foundation in mind, can define your company online more deliberately. Often times, your website is the first impression your audience gets. An off-the-shelf template limits the possibilities of unique and meaningful brand expression, and the resulting site can suffer from looking the same as every other cookie-cutter website template.


Website templates are packed with a ton of features. They are designed to sell, and thus cater to end users with many varying needs. However, this comes at a performance cost. The unnecessary items programmed into a theme or template end up in the live site, whether the site utilizes these tools or not. This leads to the website taking a drastic performance hit, and getting penalized for slow performance. This, in turn, results in low search engine rankings, a big no-no for brands that want to gain exposure.


With a custom website, your needs dictate what features and functionality are built into the website. This more focused approach is ideal. It leads to a site that is tailored, front end and back, to the organization’s needs. As your brand grows, your site can be thoughtfully evolved and developed to meet the new needs, and appropriate additions can be implemented–features and functionality that might not have been available in an off-the-shelf template.


A custom website is the preferred approach to express your brand online. While it may be cheaper to use an off-the-shelf template or theme, the drawbacks outweigh the cost. The lack of purposeful design, with the unique aspects of the brand in mind, often leads to a bland, undifferentiated online presence. And the loss in performance and flexibility can come back to hurt the organization as it grows and evolves.

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