Graphic Design is rad. It encompasses so many aspects of art, illustration, photography, and typography in an array of mediums. Growing up, I participated in a lot of different activities, never permanently taking on a singular focus which is why I was attracted to design in the first place. It allowed me to explore a lot of techniques without being tied into any one discipline. Perfect for someone like me who gets burnt out on the same old thing after awhile.

So in the spirit of keeping things fresh and exciting, let us explore this wonderful world of design together! The goal of this series is to share some cool finds in different areas of the industry, anything from poster design to retail packaging and everything in between.

I have been on a Chinese food binge lately and had been wondering how I would redesign a restaurant brand if given the chance… Don’t know of anything well done for Chinese fare in San Diego (If you do, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!) so after scouring the world wide web, I found some interesting identities around the world that have taken on design-centric branding. Check em out below.

Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie

Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie, designed by Glasfurd & Walker, is located in Vancouver and has become one of the city’s gem’s, acknowledged for both the quality of their design as well as the food.

Full of Luck Club

Full of Luck Club is a Singapore based modern Cantonese Kitchen and Bao Bar designed by Studio Bravo. It’s vibrant and charming use of color and graphics is definitely fitting to their name.

Mister Jiu’s

Developed with Ryan Lee and San Francisco agency, Method, this unique restaurant is rooted in Chinatown but has it’s culinary branches extended worldwide. Mister Jiu’s Chef/Owner Brandon Jew is giving Chinese American food a new voice and pushing the perception of what it can be.


Maneki Comptoir Asiat’

Montreal’s newest Chinese hot spot, Maneki Comptoir Asiat’, was co-developed by Studio Beau and Rainville-Sangaré. The iconic graphic line art and bold color combined with the openness and modern touches of the interior decor make this a playful and inviting space.


Lee Ho Fook

Victor Liang’s Melbourne based restaurant, Lee Ho Fook, bridges Chinese cuisine executed with modern techniques in a contemporary space. Techne Architecture + Design did an amazing job transforming an old storage warehouse space into an innovative culinary experience.

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