Like most folks did on December 31st, I set a goal to be more fit and to eat healthier going into the new year. It had been quite some time since I even set foot in a gym and I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that the work out clothes I already owned not only looked like I had not been to the gym in years, but did not fit at all either. I needed a brand new workout wardrobe to start off the #fitlife right! I figured while I was at it, I might as well shop for a new pair of gym shoes to complete the look.

So off to the mall I went where I checked out the usual sports brands on offer. Then I stopped by the sporting goods shops where they stocked even more of the same companies with all of the stuff I’d already seen. None of the gear I came across really appealed to me, so I started looking online instead to find some brands that were more my speed design-wise. Here are a few of the favorites that I discovered and have decided to make a part of my workout wear rotation based on their branding, functionality, and culture.


Ten Thousand is men’s fitness gear in it’s purest form. By taking a few essential top and bottom pieces, using high-quality recyclable materials, and tailoring them to different types of training styles, they’ve created a simpler way to find the gear best suited to your needs. On top of that, when your clothing become worn out, they have a program in place to recycle them for a discount towards new gear. Easy peezy.


Vuori is a local brand born and bred in Encinitas that bridges surf culture and fitness with Southern California lifestyle. This multi-faceted approach follows their gear’s ability to used in a variety of situations: as walk shorts while cruising around town, in the lineup waiting for the next set, and going hard in the gym or HIIT training. Their innovative use of up-cycling materials and creating versatile performance gear is a huge plus to simply looking really good.


Rhone is another premium fitness wear brand but offers a full range of garments and accessories for the active man. They also differ from the other brands in that they provide office/business attire with the same comfort and breathability as their training gear. Think chinos and oxford style button ups that are moisture wicking, lightweight, and soft against your skin. Great to have for travel and long flights when you’ve gotta look sharp but want to stay comfortable.


Outdoor Voices is a brand primarily geared towards women and is free of any association with a certain discipline, be it yoga or running, etc. And that’s what their brand is centered around, that freedom to just be #doingthings. They describe themselves as “Technical apparel for recreation” and that’s cool because not everyone is trying to train like an elite athlete. Hopefully like Lululemon, they make a bigger push in men’s gear because what they currently have is rad and designed really well.


STR/KE MVMNT is a footwear brand that is blurring the line between casual, training, and running shoes making whatever you want to do, however you want to do it, possible. Any of their offerings look equally as good in the gym or on the street. They also have a nicely designed line of basic tees, sweaters, jackets, and shorts to complete the kit.

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