Today, we explore some awesome gig posters designed by some renowned artists and studios. The gig poster has somewhat become a cultural visualization of the music coming from a certain era. From the psychedelic infused art and typography of the 60s-70s, to the cut-and-paste grittiness of the Punk Rock and New Wave era, gig posters have always captured the heart and soul of the music it promoted.

In current times, this medium has remained intact and has evolved with the rise of digital tools and software. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites both new and old.


The Decemberists

By The Heads of State

Created by the award-winning, Philadelphia based design studio, The Heads of State, this poster was designed to announce The Decemberists’ performance at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia. The design was hand painted and showcases many of Philadelphia’s unique traits and landmarks which are cleverly depicted as tatt00s.


Black Flag

By Raymond Pettibon

Black Flag was an American Hardcore band formed in 1976, led by punk idol, Henry Rollins. Their simple yet iconic logo is one of the most recognized and influential in the music world. The poster was designed by Los Angeles native, Raymond Pettibon, a cult figure in the punk rock scene who created posters such as this for many bands in this era. This poster captures Black Flag’s intense and uncompromising music.


Flight Of The Conchords

By The Little Friends of Printmaking

This poster was designed by The Little Friends of Printmaking, a husband-and-wife team from Los Angeles, California, whose work is best characterized by the use of bright, vivid color palettes and a cartoony illustrative style. This piece in particular was designed for an event performed by Flight of the Conchords, a renown comedic duo that blends their hilarious stand-up act with guitar-based music.


Fillmore Auditorium

By Wes Wilson

Wes Wilson is considered to be the father of 60’s rock posters. His signature style pioneered what is now known as the psychedelic poster which is evident by its motley illustrative qualities and warped typography. The counterculture movement of this era was definitely a catalyst for an emergence of art and music never experienced before and Wes Wilson’s work was a visual manifestation of that.


The Black Keys


Last but not least, a poster for The Black Keys, an American rock band that burst onto the scene in the 2000s. This poster design was masterfully crafted by DKNG studios based in Los Angeles, California. They are known for their meticulous process and detail which results in truly unique work and is sometimes documented through video on their website so go check it out!

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