How do major brands that power some of the most popular web experiences and apps keep growing at astronomical rates while still being able to maintain their product infrastructure?

The answer is design systems.

A design system is essentially a standardization of everything that makes up the product, including the brand’s typographic choices, colors, and layouts. Even how the code behind an app or website has its own styling convention that is established in the design system. With the rise of modular and componentized design, a robust design system is an absolute must-have for any company hoping to scale in the future.

Here are some great examples of design systems:

1. Google’s Material Design

This design system is heavily rooted in the philosophy of conveying real-life tactility through its design elements and style. Material Design has been widely adopted by companies looking to give their products’ interfaces both a visually pleasing aesthetic and a fully functional system that caters to the user’s every interaction. Click here to view the system!

google material

2. Airbnb’s Visual Langauge

Airbnb has experienced massive growth over the last couple of years and it’s no surprise they needed to craft a design system to maintain their infrastructure. Their design system is built upon four ideas: each design piece is part of a greater whole; the visual language should be welcoming and accessible; the work should speak boldly and clearly; and the use of motion and animation should breathe life into their products and allow it to be easily understood. Click here to view the system!

airbnb design

3. Trello’s Nachos

Trello’s design system is called Nachos—which also happens to be their favorite snack. This is a testament to the fact that design systems don’t have to be mundane but can be fun and playful to work with. Nachos emphasizes an easy collaborative design process through highly componentized design elements that allow for flexibility, consistency and scalability across their team of designers and engineers. Click here to view the system!

trello nachos
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