What I love about design is the unexpected and delightful result of combining things that normally aren’t thought of in relation to each other. How they can take on new and interesting forms or expressions.

In this case I’m talking about flowers and parades; two pretty boring things in my eyes. When I was a kid, I remember having to sit through the parade at Disneyland and absolutely hating it. A few years later when my family went on vacation to Vancouver and just HAD to visit the VanDusen Botanical Garden, I had a similar reaction. Not my cuppa tea, still isn’t… But together at the Corso Zundert parade in the Netherlands, it is damn impressive.

This annual celebration is themed around the country’s main export, you guessed it: flowers. But these floats aren’t your typical hot air balloons or piñata looking paper ruffles (the paper mache ones are pretty cool though). These complex structures with mobile parts are adorned with vibrant dahlia flowers that give off an incredibly organic and natural feel. I’m sure it smells pretty good there too.

To learn more about The Parade of Flower Sculptures in Holland, Click Here for a video.

parade-of-flower-sculptures-in-holland-5 parade-of-flower-sculptures-in-holland-1 parade-of-flower-sculptures-in-holland-2 parade-of-flower-sculptures-in-holland-3
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