The first time I saw Dinara Kasko’s edible creations, I didn’t realize that they were pastries. I thought they might be some kind of geometric design study or a miniature sculpture. Then it hit me, I could actually eat these things! The simple geometry, clean lines, and delicate balance of form and shape not only appealed to my design sensibilities, but my taste buds as well. Weird combination, for sure. I don’t think a piece of design or architecture has ever literally made my mouth water.

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She graduated university in Ukraine, with a background in architecture , worked in photography, and was a designer in the Netherlands. Coming from such a rich design-centric background, it makes perfect sense that Dinara would be applying these methods and techniques to her pastry making. By utilizing 3D printing and silicone molds, she’s able to create these unusual but beautifully crafted desserts.


“In general, element forming is one of the main factors for me as a designer and a pastry chef. I should also note that photography, frame composition, and products presentation also play an important role,” Dinara explains in So Good Magazine. “This is a manifestation of me as an artist, making cakes and photographing them as objects of art. Why not? Tasty and beautiful, that’s great.”

I couldn’t agree more Dinara! Follow her on Instagram for more delectable design @dinarakasko

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