We’ve always had a focus on treating people right. From strangers to clients, we treat those around us with respect and empathy. This is why it means so much to us to be featured in research led by Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews firm that has been speaking to our clients about our work.

Clutch examines hundreds of branding, advertising, and marketing firms, and their research methodology includes over a dozen factors. From market presence and accolades to previous work, Clutch takes an in-depth look at each firm on their site. Chief among their investigation are their conversations with clients about their satisfaction with each firm’s performance.

So far, clients have given us an overall rating of 4.7 (out of 5) for our creative and branding work, and we’re thrilled to be receiving great feedback from their reviews.

Here are some of the great things our clients have had to say:

The Vice President of Food and Beverage from one partner stated, “It was immediately evident that LESS+MORE carried the strength and the bandwidth to handle all of our needs from a creative side.” When asked about the quality of our work, he continued:

“People love LESS+MORE’s work. They think it’s brilliant. Even the stickers that we have at one restaurant don’t last because people take them like crazy. We can’t keep our hats on the shelves because people love the logo so much. We’ve gotten nothing but the most positive feedback, not just about hats and stickers, but about the logos.”

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Another client had this to say about their experience:

“Our biggest win is the positioning statement. One of the concepts LESS+MORE presented was very future-forward, not only covering what the company is but also the key differentiator between our competitors and us. That was brilliant. LESS+MORE’s biggest contribution was the conceptual work, which is very hard to get.”

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We’re thrilled that our focus on treating our clients right comes through in our work. To find out more about what our clients have had to say about us, check out our profile on Clutch.co.

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