After eight plus years as Savacool Secviar, we are changing the name of our brand communications firm to LESS+MORE. “Why?”, you ask. Well, let us tell you.

One reason we decided to rebrand the studio is so that our name reflects our outlook and philosophy. Savacool Secviar reflected who we were (from birth even). But the name didn’t say a thing about how we differentiate ourselves in the world of branding and marketing firms.

As it turns out, we have created quite a large body of work. Solid work that has helped our client’s businesses succeed. In reflecting on our work and the process that created it, it’s clear that we have prioritized and championed the principles of simplicity and clarity. We have tried to use less to say more, and we believe that is almost always the best way to communicate with an audience. And we decided that our name could help us get that point across.

Another reason for the change is to enable more opportunities for our own brand story telling. As a name, Savacool Secviar is quite limited as a springboard to talk about the firm and the work it is doing. We want and need to communicate our own brand’s ethos and ideas with regularity and originality. We believe that with LESS+MORE as a name, we have a much more fertile platform from which to transmit our own story.

We have grown to be more than two dudes in a studio, and there are people working at Savacool Secviar who are neither a Savacool nor a Secviar. With the name change we aim to acknowledge this and to invite the highest level of passion and buy-in from existing and future LESS+MORE team members. We dream of leading a team (not too large) that care for our client’s businesses and goals. A team that carries forth the ideas and values of the studio (simplicity and clarity again). We have been fortunate to have such individuals from the start. But, going forward, why not select a name that is not connected to any individuals? Why not a name that is instead connected to ideals, and one that any Smith, Johnson, Thomas… anyone can feel an equal association to?

So there you have it. We’re excited to move forward and to continue to serve clients (old and new) as LESS+MORE. We hope you’ll be along for the ride. And, if you are, we trust that you will enjoy not having to spell or pronounce Savacool Secviar ever again.

Mike and Steve

PS. We also have a new address! You can find us at 2810 Camino Del Rio South, Suite 101, San Diego, CA 92108. It’s in Mission Valley. Stop by our open house on November 7th. We’ll be enjoying some good food, drinks, and company at the new studio. Drop in anytime between 1 and 7 to say “hello” and tour the new digs.

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