Hi, I’m Tommy Negrete. I’m from a small agricultural town called the Imperial Valley. Don’t worry; most people haven’t heard of it either. We’re best known for our permanently hot weather and producing most of California’s lettuce (enjoy your salads). The Valley is a safe-quiet place to raise a family, but most kids grow up looking wide-eyed at shining San Diego. Where instead of sand and no rain, San Diego has a lot more sand and no rain. I appreciate the diversity in culture, business, and opportunity that San Diego provides.

In my junior/senior year of high school, I discovered that graphic design… well… existed. I had always thought about it; I just didn’t know what to call it. I remember coming home from elementary school and trying to make business cards in Microsoft Word. I didn’t own a business or an Adobe subscription, but for some reason, that was at the top of my to-do list. 

Lucky for me, my high school had a photoshop class that sparked my curiosity for design. Pretty soon, I was looking up design videos online and trying to make sense of them. Branding instantly stood out to me. I found it interesting how people could melt a company’s essence down into a clean little icon. I always thought I was a creative problem solver, so the rules of design actually drew me in more. Lucky for me again, my parents saw my passion and supported me pursuing design in college at SDSU.

I enter any day, hoping to do some form of good. Whether it’s improving my work, helping someone out, or playing fetch with my dogs.

My highest aspiration is to inspire/educate other designers one day. My mom was a teacher for most of my life so the value of a good educator was never lost on me. For now, I’m trying to learn and improve myself so I can have the freedom to pursue a fulfilling career in my passion of design. 

This is why I’m here interning at LESS+MORE. This studio has been a major inspiration to me and I hope to learn from the best. Every teacher offers something different so I’m excited to learn from this team.
I’m Tommy and I’m here to help.

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