Brandon Solis is a Senior Digital Strategist at McCann New York. He works on L’ORÉAL Paris, General Mills, Lysol, Microsoft, and also spends time training the future of advertisers in all things digital strategy. He has paid dues at Lambesis, BBH, and Barton F. Graf.

Here are five quips I regularly use when I do what I do:

1: “You’re probably right…”

There’s so much information out there, I can support an argument or rationale for anything. Everything could be right with the right amount of data. That being said, really make sure what you’re saying is right for this particular need.

2: “Do real humans care?”

Some ideas are funny. Others are “creative” as hell. But, we’re in the world of applied arts so our duty is to help businesses relate to real people and solve real business problems. Do real people even care? Would your mom care? If not, scrap it and move on.

3: “That’s an idea.”

Gerry Graf, my old boss, would politely shut people down with that phrase. It’s a clever way to say, “your idea sucks” without disparaging the fact that you had the courage to step up and publicly exert yourself. You should definitely get credit for it… but, it’s still a bad idea.

4: “That’s not a thing.”

Digital seems to continuously be this bag of magic tricks or dark arts. It’s really not. There are set parameters and flexibilities that exist, all within a bound set of rules. But, for some reason, people who are intimidated by the space seem to go and make up things like it’s a blank canvas of exploration. No. It’s not. It’s really a paint by numbers thing… and that’s ok.

5: “I’m great.”

My favorite thing to say. The morning niceties or hallway passes usually are accompanied by, “how are you?” I always respond with the same thing, “I’m great,” though the punctuation often varies. Telling others you’re great is just as important as telling yourself that you are, too. Make it a daily habit.

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