“Home brewing in college back in the early 90’s is what introduced me to great beer and great beer is what inspired me to start Hoppy Beer Hoppy Life.”

Federico is a designer and the founder of Hoppy Beer Hoppy Life, one of the first lifestyle brands supporting and celebrating America’s growing passion for craft beer.

We caught up with him to find out five vital things about launching and running a lifestyle beer brand.

1: “Stay persistent”

Keep trying for at least three years. Sometimes it takes longer than expected for people to discover your brand. Keep track of what works and continue to apply that formula.

2: “Cover your bases”

Trademark your name and register your brand as soon as you decide to go for it.

3: “Aim for quality”

Quality control is so important from the get go. Make sure you use the best materials you can afford to leave a great first impression.

4: “Build your network”

Get out there and meet as many of your followers/fans and reward your returning ones. Surround yourself with good people that have your back and ignore the ones who do not.

5: “Be grateful”

Don’t forget how lucky you are to be doing what you love. Enjoy it to the fullest and do it for yourself. Make sure you create a schedule that includes other fun and inspiring hobbies.

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