Jordan Stark is the owner and Creative Director of Product Etcetera. His studio is focused on creating brand messages, design, or art that’s inherently functional and personal – not just pretty or conceptual. Distinctively human experiences that allow people to get where they need to go, know what they need to know, or provokes them to STOP. LOOK. FORM AN OPINION. RESPOND.

My FIVE THINGS are simple tips.

1: “Hear”

Not listen, but hear. Empathy is paramount.

2: “See”

Not look, but see and hear until you’re affected. Be fascinated every single day.

3: “Relax”

Natural just looks and feels better than something that’s forced.

4: “Repetition”

Discipline and ambition to constantly get your reps in. No matter what.

5: “Believe”

Best believe in whatever you’re doing. If you do believe, don’t you dare give up. If you don’t believe, make it stop right now.

JUST FIVE THINGS: An ongoing LESS+MORE initiative designed to illuminate, in the simplest way possible, the five most important things to know about a particular art, craft, discipline or process.

Got your own Five Things to Share? Drop us a line at studio@lessandmore.com

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