We recently chatted with Mariah Hoffman about her process for building a tiny home. She is the founder of Micro Modula, a modular, minimalist lifestyle brand inspired by tiny house living.

My tiny home reminds me that building can be a metaphor for a larger life, constructed with simplicity and purpose.

1: Foundation

Feel the ground beneath your feet — is it shaky and unsettling, or hard as a rock? Dig deep and assess: what physical, mental, or emotional changes can I make to build a strong foundation for myself?

2: Frame

From your foundation, build your framework, and adjust it to fit your unique needs. Research, save, communicate, listen, and make an honest plan.

3: Build

Brick by brick, wall by wall, put your plan into action — a building is only the sum of its smaller parts conjoined.

4: Finish

Down to the last details, finish what you started. Seal up all those cracks and sand those hard edges!

5: Raise the Roof

Protect and celebrate the life you created with a weather resistant community of people who uplift you. Celebrate your wins, rain or shine!

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