Steve Kirk is an entrepreneur, event producer, podcaster, passionate fan, and creator of InterGalactiCon. We asked him what the five most important things to consider are when throwing a successful convention.

“Putting on a convention or event is similar to working on a big project, or taking a big vacation.”

1. Business

This is the most boring one, but being objective is essential. This simply means being able to utilize a business perspective. Don’t be afraid of the money, but think of everything as an investment. In material. In people. In the experience you are building. You have to be able to do the objective analysis, and sometimes make the tough calls. But that’s what you’re good at doing!

2. Passion

Now the flip side of that: love what you do! Whatever you do, it helps if you truly are “into” doing it. You wouldn’t go on a vacation, spend all that time and money, if you weren’t really into it, would you? That passion will seep into every nook & cranny of what you do. Conversely, if you don’t enjoy it, people will see it, sense it… and it really plays out as “you get out of it what you put into it”.

3. Experience

The hard part about this is that it’s a chicken-and-egg situation. Maybe you should do something smaller before tackling that big thing? That’s ok, it gets you the experience, lets you understand the details – so when that big thing happens, you know what to look for, and you can make it a better experience for everyone!

4. People 

I don’t think I can say this strongly enough. Whether you work for yourself, or you’re a manager who has to hire people for the company you work for, or in your personal relationships, or any number of places and situations – finding the right people makes EVERYTHING better. When you have those people helping you with this thing that you’re passionate about, you can literally sleep better at night.

5. Listen

By now you may have sensed that all the things above tend to blend together, and also need to balance each other out. So it’s important to simply listen. I have a saying, “learn when not to push against the ocean”. Sometimes you can be very passionate about something, but you’ll find yourself hitting roadblocks. Maybe that’s the universe telling you “this isn’t the right thing to do right now”. Take a step back; you’ll find the right path. Listen to your trusted people, listen to your passion, listen to your business sense, and listen to your own experience. Together, they’ll provide you that balanced input you need to succeed at anything!

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