Tyler Cooper is a Founding Partner at Socratik SEO. He shares some considerations for optimizing websites to drive traffic and revenue from Google.

Five things to consider that will increase Google search rankings for your website/business.

1. Keyword Research

What are your customers searching for when they use Google? How many prospective customers are searching each month? Answering these questions will help you shape your SEO strategy. Use these keywords in your website content so that your website aligns with how your customers are searching for products/services like yours.

Here are some free keyword research tools to help you get started:

Keywords Everywhere (Browser plugin)
Google Keyword Planner
Ahrefs Keyword Explorer (first 150 keywords are free)

2. Website optimization

Your website needs to be properly optimized if you hope to show up on the first page of Google. This means making sure that your target keyword (and its close variations) is being used in important areas of your website, including:

Title tags
Meta descriptions
Header tags
Alt tags
Body copy

Make sure the target keyword is used naturally and avoid keyword stuffing. 

There are hundreds of other factors that Google uses in its ranking algorithm, but without proper website optimization, Google would have a hard time understanding what your business is even selling.

3. Content

Your website needs an ample amount of relevant content so that Google can understand what your website is about. 

Having 100 words on your homepage is not going to cut it. Look for ways to beef up your word count by including things like FAQs, detailed descriptions, testimonials, etc. Don’t forget to sprinkle in your target keywords.

And if you’re not already blogging, you should start. This is an extremely easy way to not only increase your website’s relevance in your given market, but also rank for a wider range of keywords. Each page of content that you create expands your reach.

4. Backlinks

Backlinks, or inbound links, occur when one website links to another. Google views backlinks as “votes of confidence” when determining which websites to rank. 

This is arguably the most important piece of the SEO puzzle. Backlinks are truly the “secret sauce” of SEO. 

Unfortunately, earning backlinks is also the most challenging and time-consuming aspect of SEO. 

Here are a couple of things you can do now to start earning backlinks:

Submit your website to business directories:

Chamber of Commerce

Reach out to business owners in your network.

If you have other business owners or friends in your network that have websites, reach out and ask to be featured (hint: I’m doing this right now).

5. Slow and steady

SEO is unlike most other marketing channels in that it often takes months before any of your efforts start producing meaningful results. 

Investing in your website’s SEO is like investing in your 401k. The time and money that you put in now will eventually pay dividends down the road. You just need to be consistent.

If you consistently publish fresh content and build quality backlinks, there’s no doubt in my mind that your website will turn into a revenue-generating machine.

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