What makes a top agency? Is it an awesome portfolio, tons of clients, a foosball table in the break room? Not exactly. At LESS+MORE, we believe it takes great relationships. Recently, LESS+MORE was ranked among top San Diego agencies by Clutch, a research firm that focuses on (above several other factors) the strength of the agency-client relationship.

Clutch uses a complex proprietary research methodology to assess the overall “ability to deliver” of the 7,000+ advertising, branding, and creative agencies on their platform. They rank their top agencies by past work, client lists, awards, and, most importantly, in-depth client reviews. With a heavy reliance on the client perspective, Clutch offers a B2B ratings and reviews platform that helps buyers make smart purchasing and partnering decisions.

Recently, several of our clients have taken a moment to let Clutch know about our partnerships in 15-minute Clutch review calls. Our clients have left us an over 4.8 (out of 5) star score, and they’ve got some pretty stellar reasons as to why. Here’s what our clients told Clutch about our work together:
“LESS+MORE has a commitment to quality work, which was our number one priority. They’re also very kind people. LESS+MORE sent me a personal note afterward, thanking me for pushing them to achieve better results. Everyone is proud of the work.”

“Our goal for the loyalty app was to get 1,000 active users after the first year, and we actually got 2,500 active users in that time. We’re at about 4,000 now. That was a big accomplishment. LESS+MORE created everything you see on our social media and on our website.”

“They’re a great agency and they have a very beautiful design style. They listened to what we wanted and conveyed that graphically in a very beautiful way.”

We’re proud that our clients called out our successful work, but even more proud that they’ve highlighted the strength of our relationship. As we continue to partner with Clutch, we look forward to hearing more feedback from our clients and continuing to be recognized among Clutch’s leaders.

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