There is nothing that makes our crew happier than seeing an intern grow during their time here. Odett Zvekanovics is no exception–her creative and technical ability has grown exponentially during her internship. We know that with the effort she gave, the knowledge she gained and the Art of Looking Sideways (a gift we give to all of our interns) tucked under her arm, she is ready to be a force in San Diego’s design community, or anywhere for that matter, for years to come. As she heads into her senior portfolio class at SDSU, we asked her to put together some thoughts on her internship experience here.

My Intern Experience at LESS+MORE:

My first internship has been a great experience for me. Prior to getting an internship, I felt that I had no idea what being a graphic designer really meant. I was intrigued to find out if working at a design agency is something that I could see myself doing in the future. I also wanted to find out if was even good enough to be a graphic designer outside of the classroom.

After applying to and visiting many different agencies, LESS+MORE had the most positive attitude. They made me feel the most welcomed. I was lucky to be offered an intern position and learn from the talented LESS+MORE design team.

What I’ve learned over the past months has been more enriching than any classroom education I could have received in that same timeframe. I learned important aspects of design and production. How a project goes from start to finish and how a project brief is set up. How work is presented to the client, and how much research and revision is applied to every logo or layout made.

I was also given the opportunity not only to help out, but to have the creative freedom to make my own designs. I worked on some cool projects such as: a doggy daycare branding project and a Russian cosmetics line packaging project.

I also realized the importance of a fun and creative work environment. I believe such an environment makes you more productive and more engaged in the projects. Getting constant feedback and tips from a design team helps make the most effective design for the client. I believe working in a creative group environment is more beneficial, at least for me as a designer, than working solo.

I greatly appreciate the feedback, and tips and tricks the guys at LESS+MORE have taught me during my time here. My experience was positive and valuable. I would love to come back here, hopefully for a longer period of time, and be apart of this amazing crew again!

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