Our extremely talented intern, Olga Griesinger, recently accepted a full time job at Elum. Our team can’t wait to see the beautiful work she creates at the letterpress and design studio. She was kind enough to share her thoughts about her internship experience with us.

Olga’s Intern Experience:

I’d like to share my experience as an intern at LESS+MORE, where I’ve been working for the last three months. I’ve had quite a few internships over the last 3 years, but my internship with this team was very different from all of them.

I think the main difference is the fact that I did not feel like an intern. At LESS+MORE an intern gets treated like a junior designer. First of all, your intern work is not limited to tasks that no one else on the team wants to do: organizing server files, renaming pictures, making mockups, printing files, breathing in spray glue and other equally exciting stuff. Once I even had to drill walls for a trade show booth. At LESS+MORE I always felt like everything that I was doing was an important part of a real client project. In the first week I was tested out for almost every kind of design work, which, I’m sure, helped the team to see what my strengths and weaknesses were, to then direct specific tasks to me based on what they discovered.

At LESS+MORE everyone is given en equal opportunity to contribute to the project. At some places where I’ve worked as an intern people would say “Please do this in this exact way.” At LESS+MORE I was only given general directions and that is because I was also provided with a complete client brief, just like a regular designer on staff, which helped me to explore the ways I personally would solve the project based on a client’s requests. Many times, when choosing the best direction for a project or even a small component of it, I was asked about what I think the best solution would be. At other internships I often felt like I could have helped to solve some design problems that the team would get stuck on, but I was never given a chance to actually participate in the creative work or even speak up about my opinion. At LESS+MORE I felt like I was a truly meaningful member of the team, I felt that everyone around me was constantly open to new ideas, learning from each other directly and indirectly. I felt like my opinion was valued and welcomed into the conversation.

One of the most valuable insights I’ve received during my time at LESS+MORE is the opportunity to see the business side of design, that included being present at client meetings, learning about the stages of project management, and hourly task distribution between designers. This was the first time anyone cared to explain how much design is worth to a client, how to efficiently move through the design process stages, where the opportunities for over delivering can be built in, so that in the long run the relationship with a client would be built on trust. I feel like if tomorrow I wanted to start freelancing I would be really well equipped for handling my time and delivering what the client needs.

At other internships I was going home happy because I was at least getting paid, if nothing else. These days I am going home happy because I have learned more than I have ever expected to learn. I’m also happy because I have discovered what I still need to learn, I have created professional work to add to my portfolio, I have made a meaningful contribution to a fun team, and because everyone on the team is just so awesome to work and hang out with!

Thank you to everyone at LESS+MORE for three wonderful months of experience!

Check out Olga’s Portfolio and take a peek at what the Elum team creates.

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