At LESS+MORE, we work with all types of companies. And although we solve similar branding and marketing problems for our varied clients, each industry has their specific issues. Biotech companies have unique needs when it comes to creating product brands and raising interest and awareness for them. The challenges we see product marketing teams regularly face are: complex feature sets, diverse teams, shortened timelines, global rollouts, and varied audiences.

Complex products

When it comes to communicating complex product feature sets, less detail is often more effective than more. It’s easy to oversell the features, and allow complexity to overwhelm the message. We recommend staying focused on differentiating benefits first and foremost, knowing that more detail can be added in longer form materials such as brochures and websites.

Diverse teams

Product marketing teams often bring together individuals with either scientific or marketing backgrounds. Perspectives and priorities can differ, and this diversity, if not handled well, can create work that is watered down and ineffective. It is important to establish objectives, and get buy-in from the entire team as early as possible.

Shortened timelines

Another common challenge we see is fast get-to-market timelines. And we get it. Innovation is happening at exponential rates. Long term success in the marketplace often depends on being first. The need to operate with aggressive deadlines on the agency side is nothing new, but it comes with the risks of being inaccurate, ill conceived, or incomplete. The way to meet the time challenge is by being disciplined in the creative development process.

Global rollouts

The numerous regions where products are launched can all have unique dynamics and priorities. A campaign message must be able to communicate in various languages and cultures. It is important to have remote teams vet the work with a critical eye, ensuring that the meaning is clear both globally and locally. Equally important is creating campaign platforms that are flexible and expandable – capable of working in the different markets.

Varied audiences

Lastly, varied target audiences present challenges for this industry. The products are designed for end users, and the message must resonate with these scientists. But the buyer must also be considered. And are there influencers or beneficiaries (patients) that should be considered? Great branding is created with empathy and understanding of the people it aims to engaged. It is critical that the audience or audiences are clearly defined.

Marketing innovative new products in biotechnology is rewarding but difficult. Understanding the unique issues that marketing teams face is critical. Strategies and tactics must be developed with awareness and creativity, so that campaigns are effective in addressing the specific challenges of the industry.

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