As we’ve grown, LESS+MORE has become increasingly involved in crafting brand positioning statements. It’s no surprise when you consider the importance of developing not only the creative expression of a brand, but also the space a brand aims to occupy in the minds of its audience. It’s been a natural evolution, and we’ve developed a focused process along the way. It starts with our asking a few important questions.


Question 1: Who is this for?

When establishing brand positioning, we first develop a rich understanding of the organization. We become familiar with the mission and vision at the core of the brand, and build on these as a foundation. An effective position is authentically connected to the most fundamental elements of an organization, reflecting its ethos and expressing it’s uniquely valuable offering.


Question 2: Who else is out there?

An effective positioning statement also differentiates the brand from competitors. It’s informed by the various options available in the marketplace. It occupies conceptual white space that is unique and ownable, and articulates the brand’s differences clearly, thus highlighting its value.


Question 3: Who will care?

Finally, an effective brand position is both relevant and resonant to its audience. It reaches those who stand to benefit from the value proposition, and makes a believable case to them. It serves the brand by addressing the pains of the customers most capable of helping the brand succeed.


A differentiating brand position empowers creative teams to do effective work. With thoughtful answers to these key questions, we can articulate clear positioning statements, thus paving the way for successful product launches, awareness campaigns, sales initiatives, and other meaningful marketing endeavors.

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