We recently completed a large corporate rebrand for DocuWare. View the full case study in our work section. You can learn more about the Germany and New York based company on their website at

As you may already know, we take all projects through four main phases–those being Insight, Strategy, Development, and Activation. Here is a deeper look into how the process flowed.


We began with research, learning all we could about DocuWare’s history, competitive dynamics, and customer personas. This research was very focused. They came to us with a lot of good information and self-awareness, and our job in large part was boiling out what we saw as most helpful. In the case of DocuWare, our insight phase included one-on-one interviews with DocuWare leadership and online research methods. We were looking for truth and connections to build from. Unique discoveries we could weave into a strategic approach.


The conclusion of the research phase and the insights discovered therein led us to formulate our strategy. A good strategy helps to identify the white space for a brand position–the place where no one else is claiming, and that can will differentiate the organization from its peers. It should focus on the intersection of:

  • what makes the organization unique
  • what it’s customers care about most
  • what’s not being done in the marketplace already

Working from a well-articulated strategy, we embarked on the early phases of creative exploration.


We presented numerous options for consideration. What we create is subjective. Even in light of the rigorous insight gathering and strategizing we do to provide a solid foundation for creative, and the clear focus we establish through those phases, there is still more than one way to bring a brand to life visually.

As we progressed on the DocuWare rebrand, we incorporated feedback from the client team. Collaboration and exploration led to breakthroughs. One brand direction began to emerge as the most effective visual platform to showcase the critical ideas of technology, process innovation, growth, and profitability.

Dubbed “Pixel” by our creative team, the chosen concept moved to execution. We applied numerous design variations and tried different typographic and color palette combinations. We revisited early research and compared proposed solutions to competitive brands. We also stepped back to view the work critically through the eyes of the different geographic markets it would be used in and tested it on the many specific applications that make up DocuWare’s marketing efforts.

The logomark was born of the idea of extracting a pixel and showcasing this singular, ubiquitous piece that makes up the digital world. The implied left to right movement from single pixel to expanding arc expresses the progress of well designed and managed systems. DocuWare stands for this progress and growth and has built a prolific business by consistently providing it to customers.


It quickly became apparent that this new visual platform had the cohesion and flexibility an organization needs in a brand identity. We identified ways to use shapes extracted from the main logo mark and explored the creation of various sales and marketing touch points that would play a role in supporting DocuWare’s different business functions. Take a look at some of these touchpoints in our full case study.


Activation is when the theoretic become real. We build brands, and during activation, we build the actual digital assets required to bring a brand to life. For a corporation as large and far-reaching as DocuWare, the first and most critical piece is the style guide.


In assembling the style guide for DocuWare we covered the most basic “do’s” and “do not’s” that downstream designers would need to know. Additionally, we showed the various proof-of-concept design executions as the visual guideline to how to implement the brand system. The ultimate implementation of the DocuWare corporate rebrand was a months-long, internal effort that included the replacement of thousands of old brand items, and the incorporation of the new brand elements in online and offline materials.

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