I recently saw one of my favorite authors speak. Simon Sinek visited San Diego’s Creative Mornings and gave an inspiring talk. Although he introduced the talk as being about observations of millennials in the workplace, the ideas resonated with me beyond that specific context.

Simon put forth a case for thoughtfully participating in the workplace–and in life. He railed against the overuse of cell phones and spoke of the importance of empathy for anyone who hopes to lead others.

He challenged the audience to consider how much we’ve become dependent on social media for our sense of self-worth. He warned of an entire generation growing up without coping skills or social skills, and of increasing numbers of people turning to devices, instead of people to meet their emotional needs.

He also pointed out that suicide, depression, and accidental deaths from overdoses are on the rise with the current generation of teens/young adults, and that the desire for instant gratification and resulting lack of patience are causing a void of deep, meaningful relationships that young people are increasingly unable to develop.

He finished by talking about the prevalence of a money-before-people attitude in our corporations, and how it is destroying workplace culture.

You might be asking, “How was this talk inspiring?” Well, I invite you to watch it for yourself. I left with the inspiring sense that I had heard a well articulated, much needed speech delivered to a large group with the power to spread that message further.

Simon Sinek delivered the truth with clarify, insight and courage. If you weren’t there, please watch the video. And then spread it further.

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