I started following the illustration work of Mickey Duzyj while working for Everlast in NYC. Some of his illustrations were featured and sold at No Mas, a New York based brand that my team at Everlast collaborated with. No Mas makes apparel, art and media dedicated to “The Thrill of Victory and the Ecstasy of Defeat.”

This referee explanation of “The Dougie” as the inside cover of a Grantland quarterly is one of my favorites.


This summer I was once again exposed to the work of Mickey when I started diving into content on The Ringer. It’s a new venture built on Medium by Bill Simmons and crew. Mickey Duzyj and Elias Stein did a killer job on the branding and illustrations. The content is dedicated entirely to sports and pop culture. If you aren’t using Medium to devour content, you need to be.


Mickey’s work is all over the sports world. I get excited every time I unexpectedly see one of his illustrations. Hopefully you will find the same joy in his work. The perfect lines and his unique style always capture something epic, and I love everything he creates.

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