Rebrand for leading educational software provider

Kodable is a software company purpose-built to teach kids to code. Founders Jon and Grechen grew the company from an idea they had in college, driven by the understanding that kids need as much preparation as possible to navigate and excel in an increasingly digital world. Today Kodable is a leading provider of programming education used in more than half of American elementary schools and in over 100 countries.

Services Provided: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Collateral Design, Digital Design, Marketing Materials

Kodable approached us to help refresh their brand. Their existing logo and visual identity were created internally in the company’s early years, without the benefit of a focused branding development process. They recognized that, as the company expands, they needed to become more intentional about how Kodable presented itself to the world.

We led Kodable through a full rebrand, starting with strategic development, moving to brand identity and messaging creation, and culminating in the delivery of assets and guidelines for use in ongoing marketing and promotional efforts – to be largely executed by internal teams.

A critical piece of the project was strategy. Until our engagement, Kodable had relied on gut instincts and informal inputs to guide both marketing and branding. While this approach was not unsuccessful, the team knew that a more focused effort would likely bear greater fruits, particularly with parents – an audience segment identified as  essential for future revenue growth.

We started by creating a brand strategy framework, beginning with a discovery and research phase, followed by a group strategy session, and leading to a draft strategy. We included Kodable leadership along with members of key target audience segments, such as parents and teachers. We articulated language for the brand including position statement, purpose, personality traits, essence, and more. Once evolved and finalized, we used this framework to guide creative choices as we developed representative headlines, brand assets, and example designs for known marketing touch points.

Kodable is a beloved brand with enthusiastic ambassadors inside and outside the company. In refreshing the brand’s identity we were deliberate and cautious, showing the team options that maintained varying degrees of the existing design language and being careful not to lose the essence of what had come to represent the brand in the eyes of these core audiences.

As we moved from rough options to finished materials, we applied the developed language, logo, colors, and other brand elements to a suite of materials that included example landing pages, social posts, email marketing pieces, business cards and email footers, in-app screens, and more. The resulting rebrand was successful by all measures. The Kodable team continues to enthusiastically deploy new, refreshed marketing materials across various channels. The response has been notable: Kodable’s sales are up. Most gratifying, sales are up with parents, the demographic the team most wanted to influence.

Today, our relationship with the Kodable team continues to develop. They understand that a brand is ever-evolving and we are honored to serve as a resource as they grow and pursue their important mission of preparing kids for a brighter tomorrow.

“Thanks to LESS+MORE’s marketing talking points, our client signups have increased by around 20%. Moreover, end customers have responded well to the new branding and site design. The team excels at project management; they’re helpful, responsive, and committed to the client’s mission.”

JON MATTINGLY, CEO & Co-Founder / Kodable

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