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In 2005, Camille and Esther Ntoto began a radio ministry in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Having returned to the country of their birth after years away, the couple saw that the men, women, and children of Congo could be empowered to change their war-torn country from within.

Services Provided: Branding, Visual and Verbal Identity, Collateral Design, Digital Design, Marketing Planning, Ongoing Support

The couple formed Africa New Day, a non-profit organization to house their good works and raise funds. After many years of growth (adding a primary school, leadership programs, and entrepreneurship training), LESS+MORE was engaged to help unify the increasingly complex story under a more intentionally articulated, consistent brand identity focused largely on reaching US donors.

We were tasked with evaluating communications, facilitating a brand strategy workshop with key leaders, and developing an overarching new brand identity that would better support their goals and empower their team to engage donors.

With strategy established, we moved to the development of creative materials that would represent the organization’s vision and help in the ongoing communication of its impact. We developed a refresh identity and designed a suite of key touchpoints including a vision brochure, website, email marketing template design, donor development mailings, and fundraising event materials. We crafted a tagline to help describe the organization’s core focus. “Creating Leaders. Leading Change.” has become a valuable unifying declaration for internal and external audiences.

The new materials have been well received and well integrated. Africa New Day’s vision, methods, and impact are clearly stated, helping them engage confidently with donors. The work and positive changes in Congo are ongoing. And we continue to help spread the good news of how Africa New Day is creating leaders in the Congo.

“Donor feedback is awesome, and the messaging is well received. The branding explains our organization and mission, and LESS+MORE’s work really clarifies the drive behind our initiatives. We send monthly email blasts about success stories, and we’re starting to see donation responses.”

PETER NELSON, Board Member, Africa New Day

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