Chord Health

Medical device company strategy and branding

Chord Health saw an opportunity to change an established healthcare approach. Founded by a team of medical device industry veterans, the start-up provides an alternative to traditionally prescribed, in-clinic therapy. With their flagship products tested and ready for market, they engaged LESS+MORE to get the branding as solid as the offering.

Services Provided: Branding, Visual and Verbal Identity, Collateral Design, Digital Design

We developed a brand identity grounded in insight. We facilitated a Strategy Workshop with Chord’s leadership team and established alignment on the foundational brand elements–assets, benefits, position, personality, and essence.

In addition to developing logo, color palette, typography, and brand guidelines, we created deliverables to help Chord connect with its audiences, including website interface, custom illustrations, infographics, patient-facing brochure, and sales presentation templates.

The Chord Health team, having a full sales pipeline, has staggered the rollout of the branding and marketing materials. The work accurately represents the innovation and simplicity at Chord Health’s core, and the sales and operations teams are excited to take the evolved branding to new patients and providers.

“I always want to tell people that I love their work, but I honestly don’t get to say that very often. LESS+MORE listened, leaned in, and really drove the Chord Health branding project home. That meant a lot to me. Now, they are a part of Chord Health story and any impact we make in the future.”

JASON YIM, Founder and CEO, Chord Health

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