Coconut Beach

Food and beverage brand launch

Coconut Beach planned to bring a new line of coconut-based consumer products to retail, starting with coconut water. They asked us to create the brand. We explored visual approaches aimed at catching the consumer’s eye at retail by using simplicity, playfulness and color. We crafted a packaging system capable of growing with their product line. Coconut Beach cans photography provided by Studio Schulz.

Services Provided: Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Copywriting, Visual Identity, and Packaging Design


We alluded to Coconut Beach as a representative place where stress is always low and great tasting treats are near at hand. We offered the rallying cry “No Matter What, Coconut” as a memorable tagline for the company, and kept fun and vitality at the core of the messaging.


Coconut Beach has achieved great success, and is selling their water and other coconut products all across the country, enjoying distribution deals with numerous different retailers.


“We went and approached discount retailers and they saw our packaging and the fun and playfulness of it and thought it would look good on their shelves. We had orders with business cards before we had product.”

MITCH COMPTON, Founder / Coconut Beach

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