Gravity Fitness

Franchise launch branding and graphic design

Part of the Total Gym family, GRAVITY Studio is a fitness studio concept created to be franchised. We were challenged with creating a logo and a brand that appeals to consumers and franchisees alike–a brand concept and design platform capable of attracting interest, inspiring participation and evolving over time.

Services Provided: Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Environmental Installations, Art Direction, and Design Execution


Budget dictated we use existing imagery from previous photoshoots. These parameters led to a unique graphic treatment we dubbed the “chi lines”. We used the assets available, designed custom graphics and developed a tone of voice for GRAVITY Studios that resonated. We provided a solution to serve GRAVITY at launch, and provided assets that are ready to scale as the brand grows.

  • gravity-gym-me-type
  • gravity-logo
  • gravity-gym-alt-logo
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