Golf course design firm sales collateral redesign

What do you do when a living legend requests design help? You ask, “when can we tee it up?”. Greg Norman Golf Course Design is a visionary firm that has developed over 100 courses across 34 countries and six continents. We were selected to redesign their core sales collateral materials. The Greg Norman Company had evolved, as had the industry. It was time to rethink how to tell the brand’s unique story.

Services Provided: Strategic Direction, Collateral Design, Digital Design, Copywriting

We led the business’ leadership through our strategic development process, creating alignment on the major themes that would be used to tell the story. We focused on what makes the brand unique, highlighting Greg’s background, the company’s heritage, and the growing number of masterfully executed (and award-winning) projects around the world.

We reframed the narrative flow and redesigned the tools that sales would leverage when engaging prospects. We established a modular approach–solving first for a “primary” capabilities brochure, and planning for subsequent versions, easily customized to address geographic regions or to feature specific accomplishments such as developing in desert landscapes, residential settings, or for championship play.

Our redesign resulted in a powerful new framework, refreshed storyline, and systematic visual approach. We aligned the team on the most important aspects and details to be conveyed, and delivered print and online-ready marketing that supports their ongoing, global sales efforts.

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