Steak and whisky restaurant brand development

Leading hospitality company RMD Group selected us to name and build full brand identities for two restaurants planned for a single historic property in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter. When they engaged us, they knew that there would be a street-level, three-story steak restaurant with bar and private dining spaces. Above would be a two-level sushi bar and lounge with an open-air rooftop deck.

Services Provided: Naming, Brand Strategy, Visual and Verbal Identity, Collateral Design, Digital Design

For the steakhouse, we were tasked with creating an identity that would stand out in a crowded space. The Gaslamp Quarter had seen the recent addition of three new steakhouses, two of them connected to national brands. We knew our identity would need to be distinctive and memorable. Additionally, our work needed to be scalable and easily implemented across various marketing channels by an internal team.

The Huntress Steak and Whisky Society brand was inspired by primal instincts and the sweet and agonizing anticipation that goes with pursuing the finest prizes nature has to offer. Early visual exploration leveraged organic textures, gilded materials, intense and emotive portraiture, and dark imagery to showcase Huntress’ carefully crafted menu items. We developed copy to harmonize the sophistication of fine cuisine with the raw aspects of the hunt.

We delivered brand position and brand strategy, full visual and verbal identity, marketing headlines, opening invitations, pre-opening campaign, social media examples, merchandise, experiential concepts, interior execution ideas, menu designs, and more. We complied a thorough brand standards manual to help ensure the consistent application of the Huntress brand.

The Huntress brand is strong and has been well received internally and externally. Our work supported pre-launch and launch marketing, and continues to serve the brand, providing a valuable compass as new events and promotions are created, and new guests are engaged.

The RMD Group and Foxhouse Media interviewed LESS+MORE founders Steve and Mike and created a short feature video to showcase the brand development process.

“We have worked with the team from LESS+MORE for over fifteen years. They understand our business, are flexible with our needs and changes, and we are always confident we will get great results with them. Even though we have our own in house marketing team, we rely on them for important projects.

We got those great results most recently for the Branding project for Huntress Steak & Whisky Society, and Lumi rooftop that they managed for us.”

DANA SHERTZ, Business Development / RMD Group

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