Price Of Life NYC

Fundraising and awareness campaign design

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is a college and university, campus-based ministry. The organization, started in 1877, has witnessed to millions of students via campus gatherings and various events and conferences. InterVarsity reached out to us to help bring Price of Life NYC, a week long awareness campaign aimed at helping to stop human trafficking, to life. We created a two phase strategy that included pre-event (fundraising) materials and main-event (awareness) materials.

Services Provided: Concept Development, Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Environmental Installations, and Design Execution


Price of Life NYC hosted events all over New York City. Thought leaders, activists, informational speakers, and pastors all helped to bring light to the insidious issue, while encouraging dialogue and action among audiences. Our top strategic recommendation: be bold. We knew that the worst case scenario for the campaign would be to get drowned out in New York’s media saturated landscape.


We paired shocking statistics with visuals borrowed from the marketing of grocery store commodities. The trafficking of human beings is not something that only happens “elsewhere”. It is a daily occurrence in New York City and we aimed to address the fact head-on. In addition to wild postings, provocative flyers and event support, we leveraged social media, knowing what a huge role it would play in spreading the word and helping to transmit images of the events as they happened.


The mission of this partnership was to disrupt the status quo, educate students and NYC residents, and bring to light the very real story of human trafficking and express the need for change. In the end, we helped InterVarsity engage over 12,000 people, at 100+ events across 17 campuses in just 12 days.


“I am so grateful for your excellent creative and professional work. You were such a treat to work with – I can’t recommend you highly enough.”

JEANNIE ROSE FIELD, Executive Director / Price Of Life NYC

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