San Diego Tourism Authority and Bay City

Collaborative beer brand identity

The San Diego Tourism Authority has created co-branded products to help promote San Diego and generate revenue. With America’s Finest City being a leader in the craft beer industry, a new partnership with Bay City Brewing Company to create a special beer for San Diego made great sense.

Services Provided: Branding, Visual Identity, Positioning, Strategy, Illustration, Naming, Art Direction, and Design Execution

72 and hoppy canning

We were tasked with naming and crafting a brand identity for the session IPA that would be brewed exclusively for the San Diego Tourism Authority and distributed across the city.

72 and hoppy handle
  • 72 and hoppy canning

We presented a list of possible names, all inspired by the wonderful city we call home. With the name chosen and approved we designed a bold and modern look for the brand, and created materials for numerous touch-points.

72 and Hoppy is new this summer, and the fans are already lining up for a taste. Our design and branding has been received enthusiastically, and we look forward to the brand and beer gaining more and more loyal followers.

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