Launching a financial technology company

ScoreShuttle provides consumers with a way to improve their credit score. The company leverages technology and a sophisticated understanding of credit reporting agencies to provide a first-of-its-kind, automated service. We started with naming and presented multiple approaches, each exploring a different take on what the brand stands for and provides.

Services Provided: Naming, Branding, Visual Identity, Verbal Identity, Brand Standards, Illustration, UI/UX, and Design Direction

  • scoreshuttle-brand-naming-process
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  • scoreshuttle-brand-naming-process-03
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Once ScoreShuttle had been selected as the name (a moniker with zero competition from an SEO standpoint), we got to work bringing the new brand to life. Our team developed visual and verbal brand elements including a logo, brand positioning statement, consumer facing language, color palette, illustration guidelines, typographic palette, and brand usage guidelines.


We suggested and ultimately developed a brand mascot named “Scorbit” to act as an automated help tool. Scorbit quickly became a beloved personification of the ScoreShuttle brand. Helping the marketing, customer service, and development teams engage with a consistent voice to prospects and current customers.


We leveraged a series of space-themed illustrations to help the team differentiate the brand visually at key customer touch points. We commissioned and art directed the talented Rocky Roark to create the illustrations. They were created with future marketing efforts in mind, helping to set a graphic and illustration standard which the brand will leverage over time.

  • scoreshuttle-illustration-01
  • scoreshuttle-illustration-02
  • scoreshuttle-illustration-06
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  • scoreshuttle-illustration-03
  • scoreshuttle-illustration-05

We created a consumer facing website to convey the brand’s unique offering and to support online sign-ups. We started with wireframes to work out the user experience elements of the site. We then developed the approved wireframes graphically. Showing how the brand would come to life online.


We enabled ScoreShuttles’s brand launch and year one marketing efforts by developing email templates, branded social media profile pages, advertising templates, and a variety of other touch points. Giving the internal teams all of the guidance they needed to launch and maintain the brand.

  • scoreshuttle-advertisement
  • scoreshuttle-advertisement-02
  • scoreshuttle-design-direction-email
  • scoreshuttle-design-direction-social
  • scoreshuttle-design-direction-social

As we dug into the web app UI, we wanted to stay true to one of the brand’s pillars: simplicity. An easy, conversational sign up flow was coupled with dashboard designs that leveraged industry standards to create a simple, familiar process for the user. From the sign-up sequence of pages to the dashboard that shows members the credit score information they need, we developed interface designs aligned with ScoreShuttle’s brand attributes.


“The LESS+MORE team was very passionate about the project and worked ahead of schedule. They are creative thinkers who created branding that sets us apart from our competitors.”


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