The Nolen

Rooftop lounge brand launch

Named for the early twentieth century pioneering urban planner, John Nolen, The Nolen is an intimate rooftop lounge near San Diego’s convention center and PetCo Park. We set out to develop a compelling connection for the brand that would evoke the past, while appealing to modern aesthetics.

Services Provided: Brand Strategy, Copywriting, Visual Identity, Environmental Installations, and Design Execution


We leveraged language and design elements from the turn of the century, using a plumb bob as a symbol for the brand – implying precision and attention to detail to those in the know.


“Refined. Honest. Timeless.” was chosen as a brand mantra as we sought a balance between past and present, and a restrained color palette was combined with colorful, abstract paintings to create a dynamic visual tension.


A soft-touch matte paper coupled with gold foil gave our Secret Society cards a tactile luxury–which was undeniable the second it was touched.

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